All parts that are brought in for powder coating go through our complete preparation process, they are first immersed into a chemical strip bath that is strong enough to dissolve and remove the strongest of finishes, yet gentle enough to not damage even the softest metals. Parts are then immersed into a ph balanced rinse tank to neutralize the chemical strip, followed by an outgas procedure to help burn off any contamination and bring it to the surface. Once your parts have gone through the complete strip process they are media blasted for a clean smooth finish for the powder coating to adhere to giving your parts the highest quality finish.

All of our finishes come with a 5 year warranty against defects, not including negligence or improper care.

stripping powder coat.jpg

Chemical Strip

Our environmentally friendly chemical stripper quickly and safely removes the toughest finishes.

Media Blasting

Parts are media blasted to provide a clean, smooth finish for powder coat to adhere to and provide the smoothest finish available.


Powder Coating

We use the industries best powder coating equipment made by Gema, all of our powder is also supplied by the two largest powder coating manufacturers in the U.S.